Meet the Staff:

J-Bidniss, the king of drawing the things!

Hailing from the mean streets of Wisconsin, J-Bidniss is our senior artist on staff and the man responsible for all the coolest posters, book covers and SWAG that we have. Whether it's sketching by hand with pencils, pens or paints, or it's digital media and mixed mediums, J-Bidniss gets it done.

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Artist Intro!

Introducing a contributing artist, Snack Hannigan! With a BA in web design and an unofficial Masters in Thuganomics, Snack is here to help us out with our growing site. In addition to helping with the website, he's got a few original monsters to debut in the Sardoodleverse and you can expect some new short stories from him soon. Snack will be back soon!

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B.S. Lewis: Author, Prince, Esquire

B.S. Lewis is a firm believer in the fact that you can't be the best at something until you've been the worst at it. Movie maker, playwright, amateur spider whisperer and day trader are only a few of the hats that he wears. And man, he has a LOT of hats. He's currently working as staff writer and editor, helping many new authors along the way. Stay tuned for all new adventures coming soon from SardyHouse!

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