Do you dare to enter the Lethal Library? Keep a keen eye out to spy hidden monsters in this beauitful handdrawn poster by our resident artist J. Bidniss!

In an alternate reality where poulty is king and Easter is the most violent day on earth, one man must navigate his way through...The Peckoning!

When Timmy discovers a hole in the back of his closet, and senses something sinister on the other side, he tries his best to follow his parents advice.

"Don't think about it."

A Sardoodledom Short

During the last summer vacation before high school starts, best friends Jimmy and JB have to battle the perils that come with being amateur detectives; lost pets, condescending adults, thievery, Nazis, monsters, evil science and toilets run amok. Stay tuned, new chapters dropping every month!

8.5 x 11

Promotional Poster

Promo poster for D. Komorebi's series. Artwork by AB3.

Edgar Allen Bro


Edgar Allen Bro


Promo shirt for Edgar Allen Bro's workout series from SardyHouse. Artwork by AB3.

Artwork by B.S. Lewis. Stories by Various Authors.

Story by D. Komorebi

Artwork by J-Bidniss

8.5 x 11


Inspirational Poster

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