Chapter 2: The Best Laid Plans (JB)

Published on 4 September 2022 at 18:27

Summer. My favorite time of year. I stared out the bedroom window, taking in the bright sun, the trees blowing steadily in the cool wind. The big open field across the street looked ready to explore, ripe with possibilities. I was ecstatic.


The school year had been long, the longest one yet. Between the karate tournaments, the honors classes mom made me take, and Jimmy constantly getting himself or both of us into trouble, there was always a lot on my plate.


Knowing that school was over, that there was no more homework, no more writing, reading, appointments, my room looked brand new, exciting. As if everything had a new layer of fun painted onto it. I was free. Free to do whatever I wanted to do. And this summer, I really didn’t want to do anything.


I put my backpack and books into the back of the closet, shutting the door with a satisfying sense of finality. Out of sight, out of mind. I smiled and took a lazy look around my room. I surveyed the mountains of trophies, ribbons and plaques that hung on the walls and littered the flat surfaces in my room. All evidence of my hard work paying off. It was exhausting, but I guess it wasn’t all bad. The awards were nice confidence boosters.


My desk and dresser were already nicely organized, my laundry washed and folded and put away. I sighed, feeling content.


I walk over to my dresser, study my reflection in the mirror. My hair was getting kind of shaggy, but I liked it. I think it makes me look a little older, more mature. Jimmy says it makes me look like a combination of monkeys, one part Peter Tork and one part dirty chimp from the zoo, but he wears beanies everyday so what does he know.


I straighten out the wrinkles in my favorite bird shirt, this one a nice navy blue with a bright red Macaw parrot printed on the left shoulder. After adjusting my hair to the right kind of messy, I look at the time displayed on my alarm clock. It was a little past four.


I debated heading out alone, the bright scene from behind the window beckoning me to enjoy my summer, every single second of it that I could. But, I did promise Jimmy that I would wait for him before heading to the clubhouse. And if there’s anything my dad taught me, it’s that you have to uphold your promises. Even if they make you miss your first hour of summer vacation. You keep all of them, even the ones that you make to yourself.


I paced around a bit more, fidgeting with pent up energy. I was just considering reorganizing my comic books so I had something to do, when the doorbell rang. I smiled. Summer was officially on.


As I headed down the stairs towards the front door, I reminded myself of the promise I had made in my mind that morning. I was going to enjoy my summer off. No homework, no teachers, no pressures. And, lastly but most importantly, no getting talked into trying to solve mysteries. Not this time. Not. This. Time.

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Not J-Bidniss
a year ago

FIRST! lol
This kid seems like a real great young person. IDK why, but I really feel like he's going places.