Chapter 38: Kung Fooled (JB)

Published on 18 October 2023 at 11:38

“What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue?”


The question, asked by my mom, was one of her favorites. She scrutinized my face as I sweat and shifted my weight foot to foot nervously.


“No, s-s-sorry mom. I’m just tired, I guess. They said that the cleaners couldn’t do it in time before they closed. They were really upset and Jimmy made a little scene over there, you know how he is. Point is that they will be back and with the pants tomorrow, that okay?”


My mom studied my face, unsure. I think she knew I was hiding something. Or maybe she didn’t. She always gets me flustered with these intense looks. My dad came up behind her and frowned a bit in my bedroom doorway.


“Tomorrow?” He asked the question simply and gruffly. I repeated that yes, they said that they needed until tomorrow. “They have your mother’s phone, you know.” He looked at me pointedly, suspicion twitched the edges of his facial hair.


“I know, sorry dad. Would you like yours back? I’ve just been playing Snake on it, no big deal.” I forced a smile, but I really hoped he didn’t want his back. I hadn’t deleted the text thread yet, and him reading it would bust this whole thing wide open.


Luckily, my mom laid a calming hand on his arm and started to lead him away from my doorway. “Come on mister, it’s the weekend. It’s alright, we have the landline for emergencies and no plans anyway. Let’s go watch some TV, they can play with the phones a bit longer. Besides, they’re almost in high school, they’re probably going to have their own soon enough.”


My dad grunted, not yet fully convinced.


“A rerun of Kung Fu is about to be on,” she crooned temptingly. “David Carradiiiiine, punching and kicking people.” She raised an eyebrow. My dad looked at me for one more moment, but I could tell in his eyes that he was already seeing the action and intrigue of the show in his mind.


“Okay,” my dad relented. “Tomorrow, but no later. Understand, son?”


I smiled. “Patience, grasshopper,” I said smoothly, repeating the only line I remembered hearing from that show. He chuckled and walked away.


I fell heavily to my bed once again and let out a breath I didn’t realize I was holding in. Okay, I didn’t promise tomorrow, I just quoted a TV show. So I didn’t lie to my parents, not technically, if things didn’t work out. I could live with that.


I quickly punched out a text to Lizzy.


What’s going on? Are you guys still in the truck?








I’m not quite sure where we are right now.




Hang tight.


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7 months ago

Kung Fu was a good show. Would work on me too lol