Chapter 32: Missing Pants: Take Two (JB)

Published on 12 October 2023 at 02:14

I don’t think that I have ever ridden my bike so hard and so fast in my entire life. I made it to the club in just under nine minutes. I had only a couple minutes to spare so I looked around quickly, trying to determine the best spot. The most obvious one. The fool-proof one.


I considered draping the pants over a nearby fire hydrant, but I didn’t want to chance any dog coming by and ruining my moms pants. I thought about laying them on the hood of a car, but I immediately had worried visions of the driver returning and taking off with the pants before Jimmy and Lizzy could even get here.


I spun around in tight circles. Where was the best spot? Where?


I felt the phone vibrate. It was another text from Lizzy.


Text 14: We are one minute from the club, did you figure out where to plant the pants?


Sweat beaded on my forehead. I was out of time! I had a lot of options and I didn’t know which to choose. I had less than a minute to decide, so I just went with my gut. I simply dropped the pants in the middle of the road and I took off, as fast as my feet and then my bike could carry me.


Was it fancy? No. But I thought it would do the job.


Just as I turned the corner and was out of view of the club and the approaching road, I heard Jimmy off in the distance. He was saying something about how he was going to go inside, deep undercover. He was going to tell them that he was a new dancer, one going by the name of Woody Goodpecker. 


I was thankful to not have be a part of that conversation. I tapped out a message to Lizzy before taking off for home once more. 


Text 15: Mission accomplished.


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Ron Riggles
6 months ago

Typical lazy JB move. Can't wait to read more!

6 months ago

Woody Goodpecker!! I'm stealing that name!

6 months ago

Woody Goodpecker hahaha

3 months ago

Excited for the night adventure lol seems like a big case